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Why "Shuttered & Snapped"? It's all about the gear.

Rach works with DSLRS which capture the image with a shutter and Ade works with 360 and VR which capture with a snap.

We're glad you're here!

10 random facts about each of us, because who wants to read a boring ol' bio anyways? But if you do, get in touch, let's chat!

Rach aka Shuttered

  • Instagram
  1. My first time picking up an SLR was for a "crime scene photography" class when I was sure I was destined to be a police officer.

  2. Then I graduated from fashion design.

  3. I am a HUGE Stanley Kubrick fan.

  4. I've shot many a shoe and used to sell prints regularly at the Bata Shoe Museum. My best seller? The LV shoe trunk. 

  5. I've spent the last 15+ years in front of the camera as an actor, but my entrance into the arts was as a visual arts major. 

  6. I've spent just as long with a still camera and in 2016 embarked on directing in the commercial world. 

  7. I co-bought my first DSLR with my mate and we fought over it the entire time we were in Europe.  We bought a second asap.

  8. My entire body bends backward when I really laugh, it's like I'm auditioning for the Matrix.

  9. I am a very proud animal welfare rights advocate and have always rescued. I'd have a "Rachael's ark" but there are these really annoying condo bylaws...

  10. I have been caught in some epic poses to "get the shot" I attribute that to years of yoga

Ade aka Snapped

  • Instagram
  1. I started off with cameras with a dslr

  2. After an accident resulting in breaking my wrist I started exploring VR which led me to working with them

  3. VR has the ability to capture a moment in time in 3D, an experience that is a very nostalgic experience on a different level than a printed image. 
  4. I have a background in audio engineering and composing for film and television.
  5. I owe another five random  facts...
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