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Glad you're here! This is where I tell you a little bit about me. But, we've all read those long drawn-out bios before right?  So I thought instead, I'd share ten random things about me- in no particular order...


Reminds me of the many years watching Inside the Actors Studio and the incredible James Lipton! Just me?

  1. My first time picking up an SLR was for a "crime scene photography" class when I was sure I was destined to be a police officer.

  2. Then I graduated from fashion design.

  3. I am a HUGE Stanley Kubrick fan.

  4. I've shot many a shoe and used to sell prints regularly at the Bata Shoe Museum. My best seller? The LV shoe trunk. 

  5. I've spent the last 15+ years in front of the camera as an actor, but my entrance into the arts was as a visual arts major. 

  6. I've spent just as long with a still camera and in 2016 embarked on directing in the commercial world. 

  7. I co-bought my first DSLR with my mate and we fought over it the entire time we were in Europe.  We bought a second asap.

  8. My entire body bends backward when I really laugh, it's like I'm auditioning for the Matrix or it's muscle memory from high jump.

  9. I am a very proud animal welfare rights advocate and have always rescued. I'd have a "Rachael's ark" but there are these really annoying condo bylaws...

  10. I have been caught in some epic poses to "get the shot" I attribute that to years of yoga.

and BONUS- because I'm putting it out there in the universe:

  11. I want to be the next host of Traitors, I'm a faithful to the core and am a horrible liar, but as a host? Sign me up! 


I feel so fortunate to be back behind the lens and excited to work with old friends and new ones and be able to create something together! Every situation is different, you may want to shoot outdoors or in a studio, you might want one change or three, or you may want a personal portrait as well as a professional one, so if after you've read all this you think you'd like to work with me? Let's chat! 


I am looking at doing mini sessions because as an actor I know sometimes you just need a "refresher in a t-shirt" blazer, or ballgown... no judgments from this FD grad! If this is something you are interested in, a quick ten-minute session, please let me know. 

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